It is caused when the closure of the aortic valve A 2 and the closure of the pulmonary valve P 2 are not synchronized during inspiration. Anyway, this PinkNoise problem is not exclusive to version 4. Hopefully, it’ll be option b but I guess it’s no biggie to install the old sound blaster card into my new system. I can’t help the suspicion that this is a USB host controller going to deep sleep. The rising phase of the pulse corresponds to the beginning of systole and occurs immediately following S1. It is seen in conditions that delay left ventricular emptying e. Done The following NEW packages will be installed:

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Have set latency to auto – same result Have switched off overclock – same result Have swirched off safe mode – same result.

Gigabyte GA-965GM-S2 Audio Driver

I was panicking because I thought I saw other registerered users complaining of the same problem Selecting previously deselected package pavumeter. At least on v3.

Posted Mon 14 May 07 5: You must log in or register to reply here. Done Initializing package states White noise after several hours use. Setting up gnome-alsamixer 0.

Either the Hercules Mk2 A Plantronics. Here’s the document I’m referring to: Use winamp’s shoutcast and record broadcast what-you-hear or the line-in if you mix with external mixerand don’t use VDj’s internal broadcast. This allows the pulmonary valve to close earlier such that it overlaps the closing of the aortic valve, and the split is no longer heard.


VIRTUAL DJ SOFTWARE – White noise after several hours use. Requires restart. [SOLVED]

This was exremely embarassing. Please send us the full Terminal output from step 3 and step 4 from this procedure: It’s happening consistently on two PCs. Many driver software are available for the same device. Website copyright C SnapSites – http: S1 and S2 sounds The two major sounds of the normal heart sound like “lub dub”. But, I’ll soind the dive and join the vdj community officially sometime this week.

S1 and S2 sounds

Processing triggers for aound Since there is an increase in blood volume in the right ventricle during inspiration, the pulmonary valve P 2 component of Sond 2 stays open longer during ventricular systole due to an increase in ventricular emptying time, whereas the aortic valve A 2 component of S 2 closes slightly earlier due to a reduction in left ventricular volume and ventricular emptying time.

Done Reading extended state information Initializing package states English Edit question Status: Once I was able to fade to deck 1 and fade out the noise but it still would not play the selected track These are my PCs specs. To make a short story long, I started researching and another engineer friend recommended 965vm as THE software to get that could get the job done.


Retrieved from ” https: Below is a normal heart sound recorded from a 1 year old boy with no heart disease.

Ubuntu alsa-driver Edit question Assignee: Do I need a plan? Your ALSA information is located at http: No such file or directory Reading package lists Every morning or between what seems to be 4 to 6 hours all Soound can here is white noise coming out of my speakers.

No IRQ conflicts and well optimized machines. Quitting VDJ stops the noise.

This halted the decision for me to purchase the software as the Demo Version that was download from this site At that time exhibited the same problem. I know I have, and s is frustrating that you paid so much for your Gigabyte but can’T use it for such simple things.