Already have an account? I’d like to say a big thank you to lets-eat-gary. No need for a reboot, you can then install the drivers. A question though lets eat gray. I’ll try to pass this news as far as I can.

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Just did a search for bc and found a file named bc I’d like to say a big thank speedtoych to lets-eat-gary. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Linux kernel driver for SpeedTouch USB modems homepage

By lets-eat-garyJuly 25, in Tips and Tricks. Posted September 30, I believe it also includes a built-in firewall, however microfilters will have to be brought separately. Posted August 27, Register a new account. Glad to say that this works on Posted September 11, edited.

Alcatel Speedtouch USB / Thompson Speedtouch 330

I hashed the lines in the script I put before those 4 lines. It may be necessary to provide a specific firmware version in order for the modem to operate correctly.

I’ll try to pass this news as far as I can. Sign In Sign Up.


A few years ago I had Mandrake 8 installed and was very happy. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Alcatfl too wasted lots of time and effort following bad instructions, but with this advice my installation finally works! You might want to try this if you are looking for a cheap but good quality router which works with linux:. Finally came across this and once again found it didn’t work but probably from me trying so many different things. As the device is USB-only, it does not directly connect to the user’s LAN, granting connectivity to only one computer at a time.

Posted July 25, They are quick – that’s why I think so. We can discuss this, and decide whether it is needed It costs money See this thread: Just thought i would how i got the modem working on my machine as spfedtouch people who have broadband in the UK will have this modem and most mandrake 10 users will be using the 2.

It wrote that it couldn’t find the microcode, though it had been found before. Further to other users’ comments, may thanks to lets-eat-gary for his excellent advice.


So Alcatek reinstalled Mandrake I’m a complete linux newbie. In a few days time installation guide on Mandrake 10 Official should be published on http: Another rod I made for my back was having the alcaudsl. A few alcqtel that have changed. I’ve switched it back now with no ill-effects so far I have to stress how important it is to ensure ‘gcc’ and ‘bc’ are installed before you start.

I am at present setup to load at boot, is there a way I can set up an ican which will allow me to connect and disconent at will? Edited September 11, by Dustpuppy.

Being new to Linux I spent the last week trying to fathom out the Benoit Papillaut OpenSource driver, and was about to give up. A question though lets eat gray.