Execute queries and see immediate results in one or more windows that may be tabbed or stacked. Retrieved from ” https: DatabaseSpy connects to many major relational databases , facilitating SQL querying, database structure design, database content editing, and database comparison and conversion. Click the desired icon on the left side of the dialog. The graphical image of each table includes compartments you can expand to view in greater detail or collapse so you can concentrate on table relationships, which are clearly indicated with connecting lines. DatabaseSpy automatically adjusts to variations in SQL dialects and data type definitions of supported relational databases. Existing records are updated or removed, and new information is added to keep the database up to date and accurate, maintaining business value.

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Enter the username and password to the database in the corresponding boxes. Optionally, enter a prefix that will be added to the table name when the table is exported. Information stored in relational databases mysqll rarely static. Each of the selected tables is exported to a separate file.

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The Preview button is only activated if a table is selected. Start the database connection wizard. You can even generate a Restore script to document your changes or as a precaution against accidental deletion of critical data.

You can select a range of cells and copy them to paste into another application, print the results table, or automatically calculate and display information about selected results. You can load binary data into the table from an external file, or save binary data from the database to an external file. The Selection tab of the “Export database data” dialog box is the same for all export file types.


As you work, the DatabaseSpy graphical database designer automatically constructs the SQL statements you will need, but you choose when to execute the database structure change script once all your edits are complete.

The tables that are currently selected in the Design Editor are already preselected in the Source group box. If required, change the database you want to export the data from by clicking on the arrow to the right of the database name and selecting a database from the drop-down list.

A colorful, eye-catching chart is much more vivid and communicates meaning more effectively than a table of numeric data. Make sure that a data source is active in the project tab. The graphical image of each table includes compartments you can expand to view in greater detail or collapse so you can concentrate on table relationships, which are clearly indicated with connecting lines. A new SQL Editor window opens with an automatically-generated query based on the template with selected values assigned to the parameters, the generated query is executed, and the result table is shown.

You can examine tables and relationships in an existing database, edit tables to better suit your needs, or even can add entire tables and specify all their column attributes and relationships to other tables from scratch. The JVM then decides which drivers to use in order to establish a connection.


Company News Partners Careers Databaaespy. The “Export database data” dialog box opens. DatabaseSpy is a licensed software product that uses key protection to prevent unlicensed usage. DatabaseSpy includes robust tools to help you analyze and manipulate databases that contain XML information. Articles with a promotional tone from February All articles with a promotional tone.

Do one of the following: For each column, click the icon next to the column name to select whether you want it to be exported to the export file as an elementan attributeor not appear at all.


MapForce can connect to all major databases and convert source data on the fly for direct insertion. If you need to convert data from a dissimilar format before importing it to your database, Altova MapForce is the visual mapping tool with the power to map any combination of XML, database, text, or EDI files.

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Clicking the Export button in the Tools toolbar will also open the Export database data databaseepy box. Retrieved from ” https: The Design Editor window provides an additional Export button which is active if at least one table in the Design Editor window is selected.

When a database administrator needs to recreate a complete database structure, scripts are required not just to create tables, but also all views, constraints, indexes, functions, procedures, etc. If you have not installed it already, check mysqo official Java website for the download package and installation instructions.

SQL editor with results view and graphical design editor in DatabaseSpy. The script is databases;y immediately opened for review in a new SQL Editor window.

DatabaseSpy includes a new command to create complete DDL scripts for a database schema. The data source you mysq above is displayed as it appears in the Online Browser.