Thanks for your answer Regards Lola. Splave’s post 12 http: Worst, when I enabled the UCC function of the mobo the display went nuts and eventually the system crashed! The Mobo won’t recognise any other VGA cards in any but the 1st pcie slot. All in all though, a good all-round upgrade-motherboard for the price, just a bit frustrating getting it configured properly if you are a bit out of practice like me.

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Motherboard manufacturers can’t test every brand and model of memory for any motherboard model. The next day I was able to get the computer to boot correctly and was able to play battlefield bad company 2 for about an hour before my computer crashed again, It has since then only been boot looping.

DDR2 Motherboard

Is it wrong to put people on a better path, so they will get help and not become upset with ASRock? But not for that, I have a cable network or when not moving away, I found the system unit so that it can be moved without any consequences, I have to turn the cable and do not depart Secure the cable to the body of the system unit and in the future he will not depart.

Its my 5th one I have built Not a rookie. Does motherboard ASrock Extreme3 R2. Hope you can do likewise. This makes it chanel impossible to get accurate technical data from Asrock as their website tech support is basically non existent in my experience.


I am in need of your assistance as I am totally clueless even after searching the web for an answer but have ,otherboard nothing definate. Second question, if you could tell me if running 3 AMD cards ‘s trifire at 8x8x4 PCIE will the 3rd PCIE slot at 4X lag behind 0166 i can run all my games fine on 2 cards but soon as i use the 3rd card i get a small amount of mouse to screen lag!

Going to instal the system panel header and notice that the cables are different. The Usmale2 was quoting a 50mm fan whereas the one I require is 30mm. You should create a new thread with a meaningful title that briefly describes the problem and includes the motherboard or other hardware model name.

This time my PC stuck and nothing works Please help Getting on my Last nerve Hi Hawster, no luck already tried them, djal i have got sound now, i brought a usb sound adaptor and it works, bit dissapointed in Asrock though, i have used there mobo for the my last 3 pcs with no problems Hi Still, Oh ok, well thanks for keeping me up to aaudio. I chsnnel an asrock and have completely ballsed it.

I have tested this board for over a week.


Grossiste informatique

I am having this problem with my computer that I just built first build. Asrock motherboard problem or is relevant to the nvidia driver? Can i connect a remote control to a Asrock Pro?

Problem solved on my one in the meantime! If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? The problem is the Vcore, even I set it manually at 1. I have also opened a ticket to Asrock TSD from the main site but they didn’t answer to that as well and this was not the first time. Bios version is p1. The games i have tried are grid, dirt and batman.

Asrock N68C-S UCC AM2+ Micro-ATX Motherboard: : Computers & Accessories

DDR2 Motherboard Refine results. I have a pair of GeForce GT. This motherboard is fully working and is in great condition. I am not sure what to do next. BlueScreenView shows bug check code of: No idea why the front-panel USB port works ok with sound disabled and fails with sound enabled.

Hi, I have a problem with small blue markings that appear on my screen. Asrock Extreme4 Z68Bios Ver.