Yes, this means you need a driver. Or you can use compat-wireless to get the driver. This firmware is now open , to contribute check out:. Or, you know what might be even easier? No need to build from scratch. Most distros will already have it enabled.

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Basic PS support has been implemented in the driver, but it is disabled by default. Just download the two.

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This firmware is now opento contribute check out:. Alternatively, you can use the command line Terminal. Please do report bugs, crashes, weird behavior and other general tantrums thrown by the driver. SHA1 On This could vary among distributions, so check your distro’s policies if loading of the firmware fails. I’m running the updated version of Trisquel 6!

The driver is part of wireless-testing. PowerSave is not properly supported yet.


Open firmware for ath9k_htc

Those are the commands you type into the terminal: Go to the folder where you have downloaded libux firmware files, right-click, select Open in Terminalthen enter: The firmware can be obtained from firmware tree. Using GnuPG with undefined – http: Recent donations Lionel Ougier-s Login or register to post comments 17 replies [ Last post ].

Most distros will already have it enabled.

The command you entered is incorrect. This firmware athefos now opento contribute check out: Perhaps the terminal is not your forte. Where should my fw files be when I copy?

Or, you know what might be even easier? Yes, this means you need a driver. You need to then copy this into the relevant location for your operating system.

Use sudo when copying. Creative Commons Attribution 4. AP mode works only with up to 7 stations due to a hyc limitation. See this guide to use the wireless-testing tree directly. I’ve been using the firmware from http: Using only one VIF Virtual Interface running in AP mode would be a good idea for llinux, multiple interface support has not been tested extensively. The archives for the old ath9k-devel list, which was closed inare available here.


Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: A list of things that need to be fixed in the firmware.

Sidebar Users main page. Just follow what I already wrote above, it’s not that hard.