Reread and verify the setup sections of these instructions. We are an EASA part approved organisation. In this menu the customer will can set the interface connections settings in according with the istructions of the autopilot user manual. With fully charged batteries the autonomy is about 2 hours this can vary depending on battery condition,contrast and screen settings. AvMap GPS are guaranteed for 2 years after the purchase date. Antenna Cables and Adaptors. Now select the box you want to replace with the one selected and press the ENT key to confirm.

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First read How to install and open the Suite 2. Check that the cord at the other end is in the correct port and firmly press on the plug to assure it is properly seated. For the battery charge to be activated, the device should be in stand-by hsb sleep modejust turn it off normally but LEAVE the button before the 3 seconds countdown.

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For more info visit the Aeronautical Maps page It is possible to update each set avma; data separately: AvMap releases periodically free software updates ub its navigators.


Double check your connections. The Flight Around the World. Connects to USB socket on vehicle power adaptor to provide serial data output. USB — Serial converter cable. Loading the new map on your EKP V: The Payment page opens up: For the battery charge to be activated, the device should be in stand-by mode sleep modejust turn it off normally but LEAVE the button before the 3 seconds countdown. With EKP V off follow this sequence of operations: How can I adjust the volume?

The voltage must not exceed 5. After this last procedure click on the Navigation usg and enter into qvmap internal Navigation system to check if everything is ok: After importing the data it is necessary to reload the file transferred on File Manager.

If you have any questions regarding this product or any of our other services please contact Customer Services or telephone us on and we will be happy to assist.

The receive status is visible on all pages, including the map, through the icon with the satellite. Good product range, availability and usually the best price. Home Shop Terrestrial Navigation. We do not store your payment information in any way and personal data is never shared.


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You can add contents routes, contacts, tracks from your PC to your Geosat 1. The complete AvMap Avionics System.

All information is encrypted during the checkout by SSL to ensure it is secure. Click the joystick to open the WPT Menu. How to update the software? How to charge the EKP V’s battery. For more info visit the Aeronautical Maps page. Pneumatic Fittings and Tubing. Series Terrestrial products Geosat 6 series.

Each one is identified by a letter, for istance: The MOD number is reported on the paper label of the unit itself and it is like. Insert the battery into the compartment 4. How does Jeppesen database and Terrain Awareness compare to Garmin’s Jeppesen, obstacle and terrain databases?