Haatdragende of gewelddadige inhoud Bijvoorbeeld antisemitische inhoud, racistische inhoud, of materiaal dat gewelddadige fysieke handelingen tot gevolg kan hebben. Quando si guarda attraverso il mirino, tenerlo a circa 30 cm dall’occhio. Als u geen email heeft ontvangen, dan heeft u waarschijnlijk een verkeerd emailadres ingevuld of is uw mailbox te vol. Rimuovere la sostanza esterna oppure l’acqua ed inviare la macchina fotografica al centro di manutenzione. PDF Click to preview. The DC has technical specifications that few would expect from such a small camera. It has a sensor resolution of k pixels and an image resolution of x pixels.

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Store pricing may vary from the price advertised on BatteriesPlus. BenQ Digi tal Camera Luce diretta del sole. The BenQ DC is the perfect digital camera for any style conscious user that wants a great portable camera that looks good too. Fare clic su “Camera Driver” sul menu. After downloading the file, save it in safe place for example in “My documents” or “Desktop” folder.

Controleer uw email Dv u niet binnen een kwartier uw email met handleiding ontvangen heeft, kan het zijn dat u een verkeerd emailadres heeft ingevuld of dat uw emailprovider een maximum grootte per email heeft ingesteld die kleiner is dan de grootte van de handleiding.


Email deze handleiding Delen: Touring Y our Camera 3. Fare clic su Nuovo. Duracell is a registered trademark of Duracell U.

Other Mod es of Opera tion 8. Usare la macchina fotografica digitale come periferica di archiviazione di massa Collegare la macchina fotografica digitale al PC con il cavo USB, facendo riferimento alla figura 1, a pagina The remarkable DC with the unique “thumb drive function” is a smart little piece of technology, which allows users to store their pictures in their camera and download them without the need of a USB cable.

We strive to provide the best price available on BatteriesPlus. The DC has technical specifications that few would expect from such a small camera.

Vul dan hier uw emailadres in.

Never Miss a Moment Our BenQ digital camera battery charger replacements are the best way to make sure you never miss a shot. Omdat hier een handleiding wordt meegestuurd, kan het voorkomen dat de email groter is dan toegestaan bij uw provider. Con l’icona lampeggiante, premere ancora una volta il pulsante otturatore per cancellare tutte le immagini scattate dalla macchina fotografica.

Handleiding BenQ DC (pagina 1 van 21) (English)

We hope, that this document of instructions for use will help you. Selezionare le immagini che si vogliono aggiungere all’album. Uw handleiding is per email verstuurd. Quando si guarda attraverso il mirino, tenerlo a circa 30 cm dall’occhio.


Fare clic su Acquisisci. With the USB power interface you’ll have no worries vc the battery running out when downloading all those great memories.

BenQ DC 1016 Digital Camera Chargers

It really is the perfect take-anywhere, use-everywhere, do-everything digital camera that fits in with today’s need for enjoyment and fun. E tuttavia prevista la possibilita di spegnerla quando lo si desidera. Laat uw emailadres achter op deze site, zodat u op de hoogte blijft. Your basket is empty. Wij controleren de vraag en zonodig wordt deze verwijderd.

Tutti i diritti riservati. Software VideoImpression Descrizione VideoImpression permette di elaborare ed associare i file video.

QTY Add to Cart. And it has an internal flash memory of 16Mb. Pdf file can be bneq to view any time also in “offline state” without internet connection. Antwoorden worden ook per e-mail naar abonnees gestuurd.