The original Windows Sound System was a business-oriented sound board that made no attempt to provide sound to games and other Sound Blaster-compatible programs. A DSP chip is specially designed to manipulate realtime digital data, such as sound and video. Overall, this is a flaky card that I cannot recommend for any reasons other than the historical. Of course, Sound Blasters dominate discussion, and a card like the AWE64 gets a lot of attention despite having medicore wavetable from the EMU8K and the capacity for small soundfonts at best. Check out this thread on Soundscape cards.

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Eight-bit sound is, however, adequate for normal voice applications and provides passable music, such as we’ve heard from our PC games for years. This site hosts no abandonware.

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. This basic board uses the Yamaha OPL3 chip to provide voice stereo FM synthesis at all the standard sampling rates with standard compatibilities. These seem to be pretty easy to find got cafd out of an old Pentium MMX Gatewayand the quality of the Wavetable music sounds wavstable. Sound is one of the wavetaable troublesome aspects of the multimedia PC–the lack of standards means that we’re still involved in something like a Beta-versus-VHS battle, only with more than two combatants.

VOGONS • View topic – My Wavetable Sample Thread

Board index All times are UTC. Higher-quality boards have enough chips to provide 20 or more voices individual sounds the card plays simultaneously ; standard cards may have only 10 voices. Of course, Sound Blasters dominate discussion, and a card like the AWE64 gets a lot of attention despite having medicore wavetable from the EMU8K and the capacity for small soundfonts at best. These will be synths from companies like AdMOS and Crystal, those that were cmpaq in “generic” or OEM wavetable cards and that can be purchased inexpensively today.


The Busiiness chip allows the card to emulate three of these devices simultaneously, letting you have access to the best sound available in any software program you busibess use. I might be a new user on here, but I’ve been visiting this site for years. At the very least, this hunt is another thing that makes retrocomputing collecting fun.

Bear with me through the background material, and I’ll introduce you to some dynamite new sound cards along with the traditional favorites. Wavstable the computer orders the sound card to create a sound, the FM chips kick in to create the electronic sound that comes out of your speakers. How to choose a sound card. I myself haven’t tested it. DSP hold tremendous potential. Phones by Shara Tibken Dec 5, An kHz sound recording is adequate for voice and many sound effects, but music needs the increased clarity of the higher rates.

This card is usually not cheap when it turns up, but waverable is a lovely example of what the high-end of PC audio was like in the mid-to-late s. I will test all daughterboards with the Vortex2 now.


The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know. Doubling the sampling effectively doubles the size of the resulting sound file. Generally speaking, unless you have a specific need for certain software, the sound card’s software bundle isn’t likely to be the deciding factor in selecting a card.

Samsung and Qualcomm phone prototypes tease our 5G future But you still have to wait for the real thing.

Compaq ISA (247428-001) Sound Card

Don’t buy a sound card that isn’t Ad Lib and Sound Blaster compatible unless you plan to use only Windows programs. Mann Let’s face it: I suspect that these all-in-one cards get overlooked when it comes to the “definitive” DOS-era sound card.

Check out page one of the thread for all the cards and samples. Rates come into play not in choosing a card but in managing your sound soujd.

Compaq Business Wavetable – sound card Overview – CNET

Don’t cut the cord on cable like a rookie The 3: I thought you needed an expensive external module. Compaq Business Wavetable – sound card.

Pulled from working Compaq Windows 95 PC. You sometimes find a version of this board with a wavetable connector, making it only a slightly more interesting option. I’ve finally added the classic Roland SCC-1 to my collection.