Response to status inquiry. The companies more than 25, products include computers and peripheral products, networking products, medical electronic equipment and electronic components. Invalid transit network selection. The ISDN adapter you set up was not found. Registering and signing on gives you automatic access to DSC. The call cannot be answered, therefore.

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Another application got that call.

Message not compatible with call state or message type non-existent or not implemented. A possible cause of this is that the other party’s terminal device is not connected or not turned on, or it is not working properly. Download and install the latest Diva Client driver. Reset procedure not supported by current protocol.

Dialogic Diva Server ISDN Adapter

Are you using a suitable cable? Invalid transit network selection. Data length not supported by current protocol. There was an error during driver installation. It appears that your browser does not support JavaScript, or you have it disabled. If you are trying to use the CAPI interface with a Diva client card and are having problems or getting error messages that relate to an issue with the CAPI driver, then there are number of checks that can be made to resolve the issue: The error occurs when several devices react to the call.


No answer from user user alerted. Call identity in use.

Using the CAPI Check Diagnostic Tool

Protocol error layer 2. Terms of use Privacy Statement Sitemap. The call could also have been cancelled by the other person while it was parked. Only ONE device can answer the call in each case. Close down all applications and restart your PC.

Registering and signing on gives you automatic access to DSC. There is no physical connection to cpai ISDN network. A window will then pop up on your screen with details of all installed CAPI drivers.

The terminal device of the other party is not compatible with the terminal device that is making the call. Bearer capability not implemented.

Is the ISDN network terminator correctly activated?

The party you are calling could not be reached because the number you called is in the wrong format or incomplete. B2 protocol not supported.

Dialogic Diva BRI (ISDN) Media Boards by Sangoma

Or it dialogiv be that when you tried to resume the call you used the wrong code number. The alliance between ActFax Communication and Dialogic includes technology exchange and product marketing. Contact your telephone company for the new number. Enquire at your telephone company or the operator of your telephone exchange what the correct number is. Service Center Logon Login Need help with login? The terminal device on the number you are calling could not be reached, because the port for this device did not work.


B3 protocol dialoic supported. Company Profile References Contact. This service or option may need to be enabled by the operator of the ISDN network for you or for the other party. Message type non-existent or not implemented.