Device or resource busy” when i’m running tvtime. I tried mplayer and tvtime. However, there is no audio. Tv picture is very fine but no sound. In “Irrecord” that means, that the next button I want to insert in the lircd. Also, the audio line stays on the tuner but it should switch to Composite. Thanks for helping keep SourceForge clean.

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Not sure if that works since I don’t have such a device. I also can’t hear anymore the testsound in the soundcard detection ek2820 gnome. The info in wiki regarding snd-usb-audio e2m820 not apply to my case. I was reading the main page and was confused as to if it works or not. This always happens irrespective of the resolution i choose in mplayer or even if i interlaco or not as explained earlier in this wiki. What else can I try now? Class 0 em28xx 0: Finally i can em280 TV on my Box!

Invalid argument and in the other line i get: See the boxed two line: I have tried tvtime and xawtv and MPlayer and all the same result.


PAL I tryed all the things:. The following commands worked for me in getting audio through mplayer, and recording audio using mencoder:. Download file2nya di sini.

But when i capture from nero 7 the capturing is good if i capture 2 hours and more Why? I have the same device at home I’ll try what you did, haven’t used that lijux for a too long time.

I tried every possible setting with alsamixer without success.

This page was last modified on 9 Septemberat Moreover, also the picture grabbing will not be continuous. Though I can use its recording tool and see the playback with linyx, e.

Beside that you could try to sniff what windows does and replay the setup:.

Do mplayer and sox need to be used at the same time, at all? And if any of you could help with the convert function, It would be great! Hi, I have gotten the remote to work since I am not really a driver programmer this was more of a hack but this is how I did it. Hi guys, I’ ve been doing some research but i can’ t seem to get my head around what i’ m doing wrong. When a call dmesg grep em28xx after modprobe em28xx I can see only this.


Em2820 linux download

Now I am trying to make the IR remote control works. It also automatically enables analog audio. Tv picture is very fine but no sound. Thank you very much Markus! I have the same problem.

In almost all my channels, my sound is very bad, I only hear a lot of noise. Video 4 Linux 2 input.

EM28xx cards list — The Linux Kernel rcg7de6e5d documentation

During sniffing the log halted around mb. Hi, my name is Enrico, from Italy. The audio device in alsa is hw: Where can I download the package?