Work perfick again – Anonymous. Thanks for any input. For a home printer I feel it is of good quality and as a beginner I was able to f igure out how to use it without too much difficulty. Sorry if you followed my former message. The error message is displayed because the ink-absorbent pad is nearly full.

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Again, I’m so grateful. I’ve tried the re-setting process of pushing the buttons several times but still keep getting the black ink out message – I originally replaced it with a non-epson cartridge which has worked fine beforeit seemed to go ok as i got the message that the cartridge was charging, but then got blank pages.

Please help me some how.

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What brand of printer is best? Happy New Year Re: Is anyone able to give direction concerning printer that will not print When I go back and read reviews on Canon printers they have always been highly rated. However, when I lift the lid to see ink storage, it returns to red exclamation point and error message. Hi, In a word the answer is “yes”. I’ve deleted and reinstalled all the printers, which also did not work. I’ve also suffered a problem with the paper loading incorrectly since day one.


Epson CX6600 Driver

What you should do is download the SSC utility which is mentioned times on this forum and reset it. I had the same problem as nick.

I guess for most of users, the alert message comes far earlier than a reasonable replacement timing. The customer will be required to return the goods to the company before a refund can be processed.

If my new Canon takes a nose dive I’ll report it here.

Epson CX Driver & Downloads

Epson has left me with a bad impression. Continue Shopping Tell a Friend.

Good for a eepson This was my first all in one. Maybe it’s time to look for a new Cannon printer. Please sign in to comment. Had years of trouble free printing, then got the “Printer error – call for service message” Used your solution, worked like a dream. I’ve followed precisely the stept of Paul first reply and it works till the point where I see the message “Init.

This item broke 2 months out of warranty Wha t I like most is, its a stand alone copier, that you can use without the computer being turned on, plus you can make both black copies c6600 color, at the touch of a button For a home printer I feel it is of good quality and as a beginner I was able to f igure out how to use it without too much difficulty.


When a color gets low a light comes on to illuminate that specific cartridge. I guess I didn’t do it correctly.

I have tried to follow all the epxon to resetting according to Paul’s message to no avail. EEPROM”, then I press and hold the power button to power off and then on my printer, but in the end the message still apears: The scanner was very clear.

epson cx6600 needs reseting

Thanks for epsoon resetting info! The printer estimates how much ink is supposed to be in it by the number of cleaning cycles and gives you the message.

The ink cartridges are full and I’ve run it through repeated head cleanings and elson tests to no avail. The scanner works fine, just the color ink won’t work. With sharp lines and clear printing, it is easy to create eye-catching prints that will not fail to impress.

I have had 2 so far and my latest is a RX and I have had nothing but problem after problem with it since almost day one.