Of course you can specify all the usual options to uploaddisk. There’s also a Windows-based program available called rawr If you want to use a different account, you can specify “login server” for slurpdisk, uploaddisk etc.. A writeup of the necessary steps for g4u is available by Mariusz Zynel. Yeah, same story with me and my Home Premium edition.. The first is to upload the compressed image of a local harddisk to a FTP server, the other is to restore that image via FTP, uncompress it and write it back to disk.

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Take special note that that case could happen when you restore a copy made that way, and which went fine when you first copied your small working partition to your big backup partition!


Rebuilding from source 8. Not much of a coincidence.

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Ahhhh I’m sad Visual Studio 6 didn’t work!!!!!!! If you really want one, you’ll doos happy to hear that Stealth do ship internationally. Be aware that the partitions to copy should have identical size down to the sectorelse funny things will happen. Why not one of the alternatives? If you have some problems with some network card or disk et3110, please include the relevant parts from “dmesg” output scroll down with ‘space’ What operating system, filesystem type and FTP server software do you use on your FTP server?


Posted by Parm – Thu 28 Feb But there is an easy way to circumvent the problem: Depending on your network, CPU, harddisk hardware and contents, image creation can take several hours!

What g4u version do you use What exact command s did you use What exact output did you get all of it, 1: Click to find out more. When copying a ‘big’ partition into a ‘small’ one, g4u won’t thrash the data behind the ‘small’ partition, but of course the copy is not complete either. Find out if your network device is recognized, and by what name, using the command ifconfig -a Your network device is something like “ex0”, “tlp0”, etc.

Anyone has found Vista drivers on LG’s website? Subscribe or change your settings via the webor send a mail with ” subscribe yourpassword ” to g4u-announce-request feyrer.

Aggiornata Debian 6.0: rilasciata la versione 6.0.4

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Subscribe or change your settings via the webor send a mail with ” subscribe yourpassword ” to g4u-help-request feyrer. You don’t have to, though. Posted by directhex – Thu 28 Feb You will have to do that on your own, e.

Debian — Notizie — Aggiornata Debian rilasciata la versione

I was just wondering, why did you choose to install bit Vista rather than bit Vista? Next configure the network device’s IP number and netmask. Your name or email address: And I need it for college, I’m always programming. There’s also a Windows-based program available called rawr Aparently Windows XP comes with a tool to do some harddisk encryption that can also be used to write 0-bytes to the disk.


It is assumed that your network device is xx0 here, and that the machine should run with IP number 1.

Of course you can specify all the usual options to uploaddisk. I nuovi supporti di installazione e le nuove immagini dei CD e DVD che contengono i pacchetti aggiornati saranno presto disponibili agli indirizzi consueti.

L’aggiornamento della versione stabile aggiunge alcune importanti correzioni ai seguenti pacchetti:. Open file for writing, stuff in 0-bytes until the disk is full, then close the file and remove it. You can probably imagine the effect of this on deployment time too. Give a helpful error instead of crashing when Linux et310 permission to read the taskstats files.

Network configuration is fetched via DHCP.