This multi-billion dollar sport which has been the reason for millions worldwide to wake up in the early morning hours, in order to watch the races and qualifications live has been greatly contributed by Ferrari. But what about actually operating it? Certainly, it also has to be durable being more of a long-term investment and possibly low- to mid-priced, so that you do not have any guilty conscience issues afterwards having spent too much on a thing although essential, yet particularly related to your free time. In spite of the new pages it has added ever since to the world auto-history, it was actually a non-limited and relatively affordable twice the cost of a Carrera GT super sport road car. The brightest innovation on the F is the manettino steering wheel-mounted control knob.

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Force Feedback is when the steering wheel “fights” back to give a more realistic experience while making sharp turns or accelerating to high speeds. Info Features Media Where to buy.

They are also made of metal in order to withstand the punishing use you will most likely put them through Realistic Ferrari-Style Gear Shift Levers Located on the wheel are two aluminum gear shift levers modeled after the Ferrari F Clamp Down The included pro clamping system with a metal structure allows you to lock down your steering wheel unit to a surface so that it won’t accidentally move or shift in the middle of a race Powerful Force Feedback Making hairpin turns and hitting insane speeds are no longer without consequence as the asphalt road “fights” back with vibrations.

High-quality materials Extra-large steering wheel: There has to be at least a single flaws-paragraph in every objective review. Ferrari and Thrustmaster share the same values: Gamers can adjust the braking force distribution, power steering, traction and control system and more. But what about actually operating it? Times when the whole family sat in front of a CRT screen television with gamepads in their hands, trying to enjoy a classic arcade or a two-dimensional shooter game and position themselves as comfortable as possible on the couch, even on the floor, are long gone now.


The ones we agreed on as most relevant for the average virtual racer.

After a lengthy test on different terrains on Dirt 2, we have arrived at the conclusion that the low-setting is more than sufficient for most car racing game players. Ferrari is synonymous with g430 and competition, values that players appreciate. Reality has never been higher, yet constantly improving and just like in a real car you do need a steady support for your body, to concentrate on the actual driving.

An exact replica of the Ferrari F steering wheel, this controller is unique owing to its specific shape, its elegant design and its pure, streamlined looks. Every modern up-to-date gaming seat is foldable, so the locking mechanism is really not that an omission.

Lets you configure your car directly in the race Choice of Manual or Thrusttmaster configuration. When it comes to the choice of materials, the racing wheel combines a rubber-textured wheel coating and metal elements.

Thrustmaster Ferrari F430 Force Feedback Racing Wheel for PC

First, the pedals module should have had a clamp or any other kind of locking mechanism. And the D-Pad can be used for various camera views, etc. Still not that powerful to actually harm your wrists.

It has aluminium gear-shifting paddles and ten programmable buttons. And taking in mind the fuel prices and some other current world issues, it can hardly be regarded as a wise investment.


Then in a somewhat of triumph to their glorious history at the Paris Motor Show Ferrari presented the Ferrari F to the wide audience. In the high tech century we live in, however, there should be a more accessible way to at least get a sense of what getting a hold of such a racing masterpiece is.


Hence there are literally hundreds of suggestions when you f43 google this, prior to recommending we have decided to stick to some criteria throughout the search.

Gran Turismo 6, Gran Turismo 5, [ Be the first to review this item.

A review of the Thrustmaster Ferrari steering wheel

In spite of the new pages it has added ever since to the world auto-history, it was actually a non-limited and relatively affordable twice the cost of a Carrera GT super sport road car. Today’s racing games do occupy your attention to a considerably greater extent. For this very reason, regardless if you plan to spend just an hour per week or a couple of hours every second night you come home after work, sitting on a chair and having to mount and unmount your racing wheel set over and over again is a waste of valuable time and efforts.

In difference between top-ranked alternatives, such as Logitech G27 or Thrustmaster Ferrxri RS, it allows merely degree rotation instead ofor the magnificient degrees three full turns the 12″ in diameter T RS offers. Weighted base for maximum stability. Based on the growing realism of car racing gamesclosing laps and making hat tricks just like a real pilot without having to leave 4f30 home is now possible.

The choice of care fully selected materials, the widespread use of metal and the inclusion of advanced technology truly make this device an exceptional professional racing wheel.

Reviews 2 yfucvssxcqtcevxqbcrcvzatubufte yfucvssxcqtcevxqbcrcvzatubufte. The pedals module, though housing metal pedals, could have been manufactured with a higher quality.