So far all I’ve been able to find on the internet are complaints that LSI hasn’t committed a newer version of the drivers to the linux kernel in quite some time, but nothing about getting the latest drivers to compile under the latest kernels. A reboot has resolved this now and it is too fresh to say anything about recurring. No wonder the old code won’t build with 3. Backported driver for linux-backports -modules- 2. Originally Posted by Gorod. Posted July 29,

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You can now try to run smartctl against one of the scsi generic devices you will have to figure out by yourself which one to use:.

– LSI Fusion MPT driver problem – recurring messages: mptscsih ioc0 attempting task abort

Should it appear in http: Command-line utilities are packaged fusiob Debian as dpt-i2o-raidutils. Fusion MPT base driver 3. Originally Posted by Emerson Why not use the driver included in Linux kernel?

I’m assuming this is due to incompatibility with newer kernels, but I have no idea Debian kernel freezes rejected IO to offline devices in case array becomes downgraded ie one disk failed. I would appreciate any help in getting the drivers to compile again. I can’t find your updated driver in any public git repository. I have been able to compile Kyle’s tree including just your patch.


Find More Posts by 81bones. Any help you can give would be tremendously appreciated.

Supported Supported by Linux kernel? Comment 13 Roland Pope The software on the server was apparently still working fine on that machine, e. Tested with Linux 3.

LSIFusionMPT – HWraid

There is a patch available to older kernels. I wanted to provide an update.

You need to log in to change this bug’s status. As mentioned earlier in this thread, I could successfully install LTS on was Poweredge by applying a bunch of patches backported from 2. Considering that we bought 4 SUN servers x a xas ago because they were certified for Dapper, and considering that i need to m;t Dapper to get Zimbra support, I feel quite concerned to learn here that the hardwaire raid is not supported. Somes seems to be required dependencies.

Comment 4 Cristian Feldman Below is information on the old afacli tool Dell also provides some admin tools in binary form. Unfortunately, the drivers don’t compile anymore, even with the patch.

The driver is in the main kernel as of 2.

Current software for managing AAC arrays is available mmpt Adaptec website: On top of this it seems there is an issue in Dapper installing the root on a LVN partition which is over two soft raid. I’m really looking forward not to say I’m horny to test your changes.


Linux and Hardware RAID: an administrator’s summary

I was very happy, believing this meant I didn’t have go through that pain-in-the-arse process it has been install these boxes anymore which I do quite often, being a Sun reseller. When I use a single partition for the entire ffusion, it refuse to create the RAID 1 volume non-destructively, claiming lack of free space, even though Sws have plenty of free space in the file system.

Yann Hamon yannh wrote on Not sure what part of the system needs fysion support hardware level raid. Share your knowledge at the LQ Wiki. If you are unable to change the version, please add a comment here and someone will do it for you. Are you new to LinuxQuestions. Enable e Please test once it is available, and give feedback here.