We close the comments for posts after 30 days. This controller has been criticized for being uncomfortable for left-handed gamers. It is a major concern and highly requested feature for individuals who have HDTVs that only support and not Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? We anticipated that a lot of users might have a Wii set up on the same TV, so we made adjustments in our software to ensure that the two do not interfere with one another, so this should not be an issue.

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With the Move, when I pull the trigger fast, shots don’t register. In addition to finalizing the look of the device, we also had to examine more technical items such as wave tests, safety tests, environmental standard gunvon and durability tests. Subscribe Subscribe to our feed iTunes iTunes.

Putting our hardware demands on the back-burner for a while, we turned to the software side to try and put together a compelling demonstration for our concept. It features a button below the barrel on either side of the gun buttons A and B, both performing the same function for auxiliary in-game control, such as to take cover and reload in Time Crisis.

I am especially glad to hear about the accuracy. Items in search results. Item Location see all Item Location. If you are allowing movement, have you figured out how that will affect multiplayer? I also want to know Nathan, does this work guncoon Guncon 2?


Seriously this ugncon not match my beautiful ps3, it looks like an even worse than the nintendo gun used for duck hunt. Or is there going to be a package with 2 guns?

To make the gun affordable to consumers, the force feedback feature of the Time Crisis arcade gun was omitted, and an additional fire button was included in lieu of releasing a pedal controller for the game’s ducking mechanic.

Many games that support it allow the A and B buttons to be swapped, making it comfortable for both right gnucon left-handed players. On the sub-grip is an analog stick and two shoulder buttons, like in a modern gamepad. The LED panels that the Guncon 3 uses are kind of like a patchwork Wii sensor bar, and the Move is a camera that has much more versatility.

DualShock port, DualShock 2 port, motion sensing.

I just wish the gun with another colour yes, I know about the regulations. After kicking around some ideas, we decided to work on a new concept in which the player has full control over their on-screen actions, moving independently through the stage and shooting at enemies with an entirely new Guncon. I already had a GC3 but I picked up a Move bundle this weekend because it was the easiest way to take advantage of the two-player mode I didn’t feel like tracking down another GC3.


Hello, everyone, this is Takashi Satsukawa, the director of Time Crisis 4. I notice trgger shooting from the second hand control also which will be done with the left.


We decided to go with a Vs. Please discuss this gguncon on the article’s talk page. Prior to the Guncon, the Konami Justifier was the first light gun peripheral for the PlayStation and a few games support it. Wikimedia Commons has media related to GunCon.

Add Your Own 56 Comments. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Overall I think it’s going to come down to personal preference, and that either controller is perfectly good at playing this collection.

Time Crisis 4: Creating the Guncon 3 –

Please consider expanding the lead to provide an accessible overview of all important aspects of the article. Hopefully this clears up some of the questions you all had. Will this game support either natively or through upscaling.

Yes, I would No thanks Don’t ask again. Even though this early prototype only allowed for horizontal aiming, we felt confident enough in the design to move forward with the full game.

We close the comments for posts after 30 days.