However, the card is not deprived of some curious peculiarities. Dual-monitor support and TV-Out. It can boast of an elegant design with an original cooler, a wonderful build quality and a weighty accessory pack. The distinguishing feature of this card is a massive copper cooler capping the graphics processor. That guy was found on another river bank lying all in. When you are happy the whole world becomes better, more colorful and fruity. We tested all benchmarks and found that all bot-matches are extremely processor-independent.

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The Radeon that we received from Hercules my friends is one fast piece of machinery. So, what’s about the GeForce4 Ti 3f And when the respective modes are switched on the final scores reveal the real capabilities of an accelerator.

Hercules 3D Prophet Pro graphics card – Radeon PRO – MB Overview – CNET

The card is equipped with standard interface connectors: The chip is enclosed into a metallic frame which is as high as the die or it maybe a tenth part of a millimeter lower. It’s evidently connected with generation of RIP mapping. An awesome design, again in a blue Hercules’ PCB, ramsinks all over the place, GPU heatsink at the back-side of the card and a copper cooling unit that makes you wonder how far we are able to overclock this card.


Why do they bind an image of a Prophet with something awful and wicked? Technology quality issues will also be highlighted. In the tests we used the ATI’s latest drivers 6. Therefore ladies and gentlemen next to thePro, Pro and Pro they now introduce you the Radeon It doesn’t even make sense to measure it as it’s high enough for most cases.

Hercules 3D Prophet PRO – Pixel-Churners: A round-up of Radeon PRO cards

At pto, you should know they exist and turn them on at the level set to your liking. Such a chip, twice larger than the Athlon, requires proper cooling.

Video 3Digests Video cards: But there are still some problems with drivers and games. The anisotropy quality is improved. But I wonder whether such a heavy cooler attached with just two clips can guarantee no damages on the die since the R chip is produced not in a usual BGA package but with an open die?

January, Read it again. It seems that when the driver gets new textures and starts generating new RIP maps, the game doesn’t understand such a delay.

Here the case is the same: The same was noticed in the Morrowind. Movies can be viewed on herucles full screen on the second head in the theater mode irrespective of resolution, but in case of the Windows Media Player the image disappears when you minimize it or bring something onto the screen above it even in the extended overlay mode.


3dd other flaws are noticed, which is excellent for the first release.

Test system and drivers Testbeds: Besides, the back of the PCB incorporates a stylish tiny copper heatsink right under the chip. There are no more stripes around in the open.

That is why a personage of the 61 level looks quite ridiculous when he escapes from Kagouti like from the Gorgon Medusa The highest speed is MHz, that is why the access time is 2.

However, the card is not deprived of some curious peculiarities. It can boast of an elegant design with an original cooler, a wonderful build quality and a weighty accessory pack.

Although the problem can be solved by disabling the anisotropy, I don’t feel like playing without it or constantly saving the game and reswitching. Let’s quickly go through some rough Radeon Pro specifications. Finally, here are the prophwt. However, the UT seems to be using precompressed textures, and cards based on other chipsets could use it because, for example, in all GeForces it’s impossible to switch off texture compression in the driver settings.