Then they expect to get bailed out on the forum thinking we’re psychics and somehow know how they screwed the damn thing up! I’ve fixed a lot of them by cleaning the mirrors. No software or drivers are available for this product with the selected operating system. Replace the plug and let the product fully finish the boot cycle. My HP sat for 4 years, and when I turned it on, that was the only problem. It is really easy to open the small glass piece on the left hand side of the scanner to expose the small slot through which you need to access the scanner and belt.

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The bulb is looking bright. I could only identify three mirrors. I was mentally preparing myself for a huge repair bill because it was repeatedly making that horrible gear stripping noise.

HOWTO fix “scanner warmup” error on HP printer

The reflective surface faces down and the mirror blocks access to the others. The solution took 5 minutes to do, which was a simple cleaning. The instructions were spot on and I have revived an otherwise throwaway unit. Cycling power sometimes worked but temporarily.

When you get it almost all the way over you can grab the edge with your finger nail and move it the rest of the way. I just did the cleaning and it worked for me too!

HP3330 – How to Clean Scanner Mirrors

I do not know but I want to post to this thread to tell people like yourself do not take the scanner assembly apart. Select the desired files and choose ‘Download files’ to start a batch download. I’m on borrowed time with this machine.


Remove the three screws scamner the now exposed dark grey front panel cradle and cover, remove ho3330 two cables connecting the cover to the main board, pry gently at the top outer corners of the cover and pull it forward and down, remove the cover. The third was significantly fouled.

Then I have do the complete disassembly and clean all the mirrors in which case this cleaning lasts for 6 – 9 months. The Virtual Agent is currently unavailable.

HP – How to Clean Scanner Mirrors | FixYourOwnPrinter

I have seen some directions on a couple of websites, but I would rather have them from someone I “know” scznner please go scnner and send them. Open the document feeder and pull up on the two black tabs on the left and right. I have the same problem with my HP LJ mfp: Inevitably the glass was clean and because of the sparing use of glass cleaner on the paper towel it began to dry out a bit as I wiped the underside and really did the job as it went along. They had some blue like film substance or something but they were definitely dirty.

I had to scanmer the mirror a couple of times, but it worked. HP is ignoring us in this matter and not even have the courtesy to make it work as a pure printer without the Fax as a compromise solution, as that will affect their printer sale! I tried the mirror cleaning for the scanner bulb error but to no avail.


HP Customer Support – Software and Driver Downloads

Removing the mirrors was not required to clean them and it scannwr possible you have disturbed the alignment of the optical system. That is a super PITA.

Thank you very very much! Good luck Be careful.

The easiest mirrors were the two under the black cover but of course they were the cleanest. Prior to the dirty mirror problem it scanher flawlessly for many years. I used to be able to get it going sometimes, but now it won’t print or anything. This is the big question. To fix this issue, I have these suggestions: New chamois from the autoparts store use the soft side only works best, as Q-tips can hpp3330 shreds of cotton, and alcohol or any other cleaner leaves a residue.

Remove the black screw at the front of the assy.

Does anyone know whether this work for the ? I too do not advocate disassembling.