There are no electronic supply parts store in my area… The most important is the output voltages. This monitor is actually also using junk flyback as blur buster, but the junk flyback has no ferrite core, is this OK? If the repair tech in ACER did not upload the schematic then we will not find it. Yes you can ask about the laptop question, if i know i will answer you. But I got surprised about it because it has no 10K Ohms. In other words there is no way to test other than to run it on its own circuit with power on.

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I also attach the image display of this monitor, it is still really good one. Which one do you prefer to use? Do you see any risk from buying these kind of monitors? The advantage I see is the monitors had not been repaired by anyone. HI Wakheel, Please visit this link: Goodson HI Goodson, If there is no dry joints in the high voltage transformer and the supply voltage to inverter ic is normal then one of the backlight already have problem.

I want to know the reason why line output transistor is alway damages even if i replace it with real one it will still destroy. E caps no bulging and check good on ESR meter. Jestine Likes 0 Dislikes 0. Have you try http: I am currently research a source for this cap.


January 31, I wish I would have had one for many years doing pro-audio.

ijm17f One of the faults you found out is that the MOSFET is tested good off board but failed when under full operating voltage. Yes it could be that also. I came up with checking each of their temperatures, using a dab of wax on each to see which melted first, cutting traces, using signal injectors to iij17f which one bled into the rail and etc.

I need your expertise on this. I feel 60 deg above is too hot to touch already. If you discharge a cap with a metal then yes there is a chance of shorting other components. We’re closing this bug since it is has been some time with no response from the original reporter.

Following your suggestions, I orderer an analog multimeter from ebay. I know this is a lot of data, but the conclusion is assuming the ripple noted on the main filter cap is not causing problems, the Scalar IC is trying to fail and is not outputting control signals to the OSD or the EPROM is corrupted… What is your opinion. If there is no dry iusonic in the high voltage iisnic and the supply voltage to inverter ic is normal then one of the backlight already have problem.

I remember iisonic earlier communication you advised me to replace all the capacitors on the inverter board which I did but still not sorting out the problem hence coming back to you for more advice as you are more experienced on that basing on the PDF books of LCD monitor repairs that I bought from you.


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Is there any other method to eliminate the noise? Posted December 14, I have cleaned the anode cap surrounding area, and there is no grease.

Dear Justine, I not sure this is correct place to get some advice from u. Yes it is ok but it has to be properly connected and secured.

It seem like the company that design the board would not allow others to fix it. Yong, That is very beautiful countr Chung hwa is not a good tube. The main challenge is servicing these things I think is in setting the boards up for testing so as to be able to see what is happening… I use a Sencore pwr transformer, Sencore analyzer, Fluke meter and a Dick Smith ESR for testing. The china version is only capable to test up to mm. I got two version of this, as you could see in the photo.

Have you check the dc supply to the main power supply power ic? Is it IR type necessary in this field of repair?