You will need to be root user to edit this file. A message will be output to the terminal indicating whether the service is running or not. No assignee Edit question Solved by: I am comfortable installing packages, using the terminal although I’m not fluent in the commands , and editing files using vim. English Edit question Status:

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You will interwriye to be root user to edit this file. The Makefile makes some standard assumptions as to the location of kernel resources. I’m not even certain what it does to be honest but I can post any information that is needed!

Save the file and restart Interwrite Workspace in Interactive Mode. Jonathon Zabel zabeljonathon said on This situation could intrwrite http: For more information about SELinux, please consult your Linux distribution vendor. This is a result of Fedora Core 6 requiring a tty before the sudo command can be used.

It is not currently installed by default on SuSe distributions. If unloaded, nothing is returned.


Install any kernel development packages required by your distribution to interwrte kernel modules. Could someone walk me through the process of getting the rfcomm service up and running? It would appear that I have all the necessary components to make this software work. Pages Images and files Insert a link to a new page Loading Follow the steps outlined below to resolve the issue.

You must have root access to write to this file. It comes installed on most current distributions with some exceptions. You can replace gedit with your favorite editor.

Using Interwrite software on Ubuntu

Pages Images and files. I am trying to troubleshoot to see if I actually have all of the “required” components to make the software work because I contact eInstruction because they will tell me to “see my specific distribution’s documentation”.

Download the following files: My guess is this is the inrerwrite. To join this workspace, request access. Locate and comment out the line containing “Defaults intwrwrite 6. Interwrite Learning log in help.

The commands are highlighted in yellow, and are assumed to be run from an xterm window.


Question # : Questions : bluez package : Ubuntu

Type “sudoedit sudoers” and press the enter key. See your distribution- specific documentation to determine how you can check this. If it is not jnterwrite, please see your Administrator.

English Edit question Status: These are interactive whiteboard technologies used in the classroom setting and connect to my computer through a bluetooth Intrrwrite dongle. Please see your specific distributions documentation for information on installing the “ialibs” package.

I can also connect to the bluetooth using devices other than the one I am trying to sync through this program an Interwrite SP tablet. The issue can be resolved in one of two ways.

Join this workspace To join this workspace, request access. Device is connected but, no pointer movement. I also need to have the following packages installed