As you can see in the top photo, taken in medium light conditions, it’s sharp and the colours came out fairly balanced if not a little yellow, but that’s probably due to the lighting in the room. It’s not just that it is not a smartphone, it has no built-in converters for viewing Word documents, or other digital file attachments. Skintones are correctly coloured, not overly sharpened and free from distracting artefacts. Measuring mm x 48mm x 17mm, the Ki is slightly smaller than its predecessor, but the difference is hardly noticeable. The exposure from the camera is very good, showing a good range of tones in a wide variety of lights.

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As you can see from the top photo, taken in medium light conditions, the colours look faded and the photo looks blurry. The lens cover has also been changed so that it is much more difficult for it to open accidentally as you carry it around; this not only protects the lens beter, but helps save battery power, as opening the lens shield automatically activates the camera. Nokia N95 We were really impressed with the picture quality from the Nokia N95which features i810i 5-megapixel camera, auto-focus and an LED photo light.

There’s a new colour too – a deep blue that looks almost black. And although investing in an M2 memory card is almost essential for the audiophile or photographer, for that matterthe handset does come with a reasonable 64MB of onboard memory.

Ever wondered what the difference is between a 2-megapixel camera phone and a megapixel dSLR camera? In our opinion, the D took the best-lit and most focused shot overall. Talk time is rated up to ten hours and standby time up to hours – both figures on 3G and GSM networks.

Camera combat: Nokia 6300 vs Sony Ericsson K810i vs Nokia N95 vs Canon IXUS 70 vs Canon 400D

The ability to shoot from a few inches away from the subject may not seem that important, but you can take an image of a drawing or paragraph of text, j810i you can reference them later without the need to take notes. The Xenon flash means night photography is excellent, while auto focus, 16x digital zoom and image stabilisation options are other enticing features.


These three tools allow you to edit any multimedia captured through the handset itself. The bottom picture was taken in low light and as you can see the xenon flash really does famera up a scene, but the shot came out a little blurry, which may have been due to moving our hands slightly when we took the shot.

This candybar-styled handset makes do without a flip mechanism or slider, but when you take a look at what it can do it puts most of its rivals to shame. We were pleasantly pleased with the rendition of our test tracks.

Sony Ericsson Ki Review: – Mobile Phones – 3G Mobile Phones – Good Gear Guide Australia

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You get quite a lot of noise in lowlight levels, if you are out of effective flash range, but the subject matter is still recognisable – and that’s a great improvement of the performance of some cameraphones. There’s a camcorder too, which benefits particularly from the neat teamwork of the 16x digital zoom and the wobble-busting image stabiliser.

Camera combat: Nokia vs Sony Ericsson Ki vs Nokia N95 vs Canon IXUS 70 vs Canon D – CNET

Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. You not only get a good helping of resolution if you choose the best recording settings, but you can really bst the power of these pixels when shooting close-ups. Four pictures are taken as the camera button is pressed and four just after using memory buffing.

We’ve rounded up some of the most popular cameras and camera phones and tested them, taking pictures in medium and dark lighting conditions to see how they perform. I need power and lots of it.


In low light conditions the Nokia N95 struggled to focus properly and as you can see in the bottom besst, the LED photo light gives off a slightly blue tinge. CNET’s best of As you can see the top photo, taken in medium light conditions, is in focus and the colours are very vibrant, if not a little over saturated.

The new Sony Ericsson Ki is probably the perfect mobile phone for those who want it all but don’t want to pay a fortune for it for it.

Sony Ericsson K810i

There are also dedicated buttons for Internet and shortcuts, both of which are squeezed on each side of the controls. Where the lens cover of the Ki protruded from the back of the handset and made it sit unevenly on a flat surface, the Ki cover is smaller, and less likely to accidentally slide open when taking it out of your pocket.

Despite the web browsing, video conferencing and email facilities, this is not a handset designed specifically for the business user.

Beneath its stylish exterior remains almost exactly the same handset. View our privacy policy before signing up. Amidst our enthusiasm for the Ki, it is important that potential purchasers understand what this phone isn’t. The camera is definitely one of the Ki’s strong points.

As you can see in the top photo, taken in medium light conditions, it’s sharp and the colours came out fairly balanced if not a little yellow, but that’s probably due to the lighting in the room. The xenon flash meant that the photo was well lit, if a little over-exposed, and the auto-focus performed as expected.