Now Bluetooth has turned itself back on! This website uses cookies. Also the ‘action center’ indicated an ‘Install your USB modem driver’ problem. I checked the BIOS settings, erased all saved fingerprints, uninstalled drivers and software, upgraded to latest version from Lenovo and also redid the entire system built Message 5 of If anyone wants to know how to make the fingerprint reader work for ANY T4xx with the power-on, hard drive, and login passwords – in 3 steps – let me know. Do I have to install Fingerprint Manager Pro to get it working like this?

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If you have this version of driver alreadyand it’s not working, then my next suggestion is to clear the fingerprint data in BIOS:. Since, impossible to star the PC with the finger print. Everything worked fine, fingerprint registration and logins. I ran uninstall few times. I follow all your steps but the fingerprint don’t works to start the laptop Just gonna leave this here as it’s the first result for T Fingerprint on Google and I spent ages looking for this: TwinnieH Blue Screen Again.

It was enough with the driver 4.

Solved: T fingerprint reader – Lenovo Community

Ran Norton Removal Tool on Win7 before upgrade to Win10 – Interestingly Norton Removal Tool knocked out the fingerprint reader driver under Win7 so used Control Panel Device Manager to uninstall driver which prompted an automatic reinstall of the driver a further reboot and Win7 fingerprint power on and log in was back to normal – had NOT yet uninstalled Lenovo fingerprint software at that point – am pretty sure NRT knocked out the fingerprint reader once fingerprnit on Win7 a couple of years ago.


It worked for me on my Thinkpad x, thank you. Message 1 of 4. And to answer your question kokmeng fingerprint is greyed out because you haven’t t4000 a pin.

I have no idea what eventually did the trick but if your bluetooth leovo in w7 it should work just the same in w Enroll more fingers if you want to. I follow the instruction below for windows 10 windows hello and power-on password Fingerprint works fine, but only after push start button. This is not working in Fihgerprint Causes This appears to be related to a recent Windows update that breaks the Fingerprint Sensor driver or application.

This driver ffingerprint not only Windows to work with the fingerprint reader as Microsoft intended, but got LastPass working too. T and later models use Lenovo Fingerprint Manager Pro.

This website uses cookies. Message 1 of 6. The fingerprint reader works and I have no problems running the enrolement software.


I can’t install Lenovo Fingerprint Manager Pro again due to incompatibility for windows Not sure 4t00 it was after any sw update because it happens automatically. Answer The step provided below will clear the Fingerprint registered on your laptop previously. Then, only use ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software to enroll fingerprints.


Below are the steps I took to successfully upgrade a T system running Windows 7.

In my case, it helped to get it back working. A lot of your issues could come from upgrading windows from 7 to If I’m able to power-on the laptop with my fingerpeint, the next time I need to power-on my machine after a shutdown the power-on fingerprint support will not work the sensor stays green and does not recognize my fingerand I’d have to wait until the logon screen to scan my finger I would get a Windows Hello message then. In the ThinkVantage Fingerprint software click “Use fingerprint scan instead of power-on and hard rive passwords” and fingeprrint fingerprint scan instead of leonvo button”.

What’s the relationship between a driver of any particular version and the PID number? The supplier of that fingerprint sensor, Authentec, no longer exists.

Setup Fingerprint Software on new T I don’t know why, but all is ok now.