Chipset Driver Supports network install? You may need to blacklist a few things, but it ought to work better than a compiled 9-month old version. Join our community today! With usb drivers it was shown as “wlan1” there. I went through the procedures in the first post of this thread, and all seemed to go well apart from some complaints about clock skew I had the same problem, but made a little headway with it.

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Well, add me to the dazed and confused list. The wiki works well for Hardy however the downloaded make file did not work this time round. I just found a bug report on this adapter.

After trying numerous times, the first step finally worked randomly. Does anyone have any experience with the Belkin f5d v2 under linux? The network manager is unable to detect my dongle, i checked the syslog and it said: I am not connected with the ubuntu side of my computer.

However, it didn’t with the solution mentioned one post before, but with the old compiling one. Is not detected by Jaunty.


Did anything else you advise, will try to see if the chip gets up. Let’s take care of that first: Open the folder labeled “os”, then the one labeled “linux.

But I will be very happy if Ralink or Linux developers get this driver to work with the new kernel. Click Here to receive this Complete Guide absolutely free. I get this error: I need at least version 2. I’ve been trying to figure this out for about a month now and finally got my wireless usb device working with the help of your wiki link. Hey all, after spending much too long fighting various windows OS, I decided to go with Kubuntu.

Ralink RT2070, RT2770, RT2870, RT3070, RT3071, RT3072 devices (rt2870sta)

Well i’ve Done a new install. I achieved much higher with the same card and Intrepid though I had to compile and install a driver as above — EDIT — I followed someone else’s instructions to download the new ralink driver from their website: As far as I could see the config was identical to my previous working config. Anyone else having a helluva time getting this to work? It’s better than before: Run lsusb and look for its ID.

Any idea how to make it work again?


Solved: WUSBN linux driver – Page 3 – Linksys Community

I have reported the situation to Ralink. I tried his configuration changes and compiled the drivers linnksys both Fedora 13 and Ubuntu I’ve compiled, installed, etc the rtsta module a linksys WUSB and had to add a usb id for itbut I can’t seem to get the network settings set. What do you get from lsmod grep rt2 If rt shows up, you could try sudo depmod -a After that, I’m out of ideas. Many thanks Razor for this wiki, Alan.

Just to say that I finally got this working by installing WICD and under preferences setting the wireless connection to ra0.

In my opinion modprobe should generate a linksyz message if two modules have the same name in the same kernel version. Postgres and wireless disappeared. Compiled as normal 7. What does iwconfig show?