July 12, at 5: And my Music Bridge is still going strong after years and several changes in Windows. I have had this problem and I resolve it by restarting the drives in the correct sequence. Message 97 of 12, Views. This way is much faster, easier and safer.

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But be persistent, you have to get every detail right. October 14, at 3: By Craig July 12, – I’ll work on figuring that out later, but for now, I’m happy to have the music on my computer playing back through the stereo again until I’m ready to spring for a full HTPC set-up.

XP Mode runs as a virtual machine on Windows 7.

debian goodies: WMB54G works in Windows 7 !!!

While both tr and sed are present on this particular system, that is not guaranteed — the developers could have easily left these out of their busybox build. Oh, i also have the Utility software v1. Everythings runs as it should but the bridge connection utility doesn’t see the music bridge. Therefore, it should work in Windows 8 and 8. I Have two useless music bridges Connecting to the serial port with minicom provides some nice debug output, with a root shell to boot:.


Message 6 of 29, Views. There is no easy way of getting this thing to work.

wmb54g utility v1.4

Message of 10, Views. It’s absolutely rediculous that a company like Linksys would not make a patch available for consumers running Windows 7. So until Linksys provides the W7 driver, here are the steps.

I currently have Windows 7 running on an HP Pavilion laptop. I’d been running the bridge on my XP laptop for years after updating my other desktops to 7. On a RARE and lucky occasion after manually starting the cmflywav and other exe and then the utility I can get the bridge to show up and connect, but it still won’t play any audio.

Hacking the Linksys WMB54G – /dev/ttyS0

And yes, Linksys and Sondigo and Realtek? Thanks to whomever wrote the original but it didn’t work for me because it didn’t wait long enough for cmflywav. Still use the WMB54G to bridge my Slingbox to the wireless router, but you don’t need a driver for that.

Is there any other solution to this? December 31, at Looks like it is also possible to reload an own rootfs image.

Changing the “Sounds” settings to “None” in XP Mode did not resolve this, but a Registry change described in an excellent article at http: Did a chat with one of the tech support folks. We will attempt to upload this file, make it executable, then execute it using the following script on our wm5b4g machine:.


So there are TWO issues for Linksys to address: Message 9 of 25, Views. Hi, please help me, I have a Music Bridge G linksys and I cant find the drivers and the media utility, the links web page dont work corretly, plesa help me, Sorry for my Englis, Pablo Reinhardt mail: I got several tips of the internet and blended them together.

I’ve even uninstalled and reinstalled dowloaded from the uk website several times http: Getting the tftpd binary off the system and loading it into IDA reveals some interesting code:. We know we can do 1, but 2 is actually trickier than it sounds. Many thanks to Dieter Vanwijnsberghe! Your web instructions saved the day, again.