For this, buyers get a well-designed, portable notebook. Is it a must for outdoor enthusiasts? After the GX that was only mobile to a limited extent in favor of incorporating G-Sync, the brand-new GX is able to score with Nvidia’s Optimus graphics switching. Two 16 MP dual cameras, front and back. The Samsung Galaxy A9 ‘s unique selling point is certainly its back camera with a grand total of four lenses. The Poptel P Max with its especially rugged build is aimed at customers looking to use their smartphones outdoors.

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Read on to find out whether the Mate 20 is worth the money and its differences from the Mate 20 Pro. We will be investigating how well the new CPU performs in this review and whether it can handle the latest triple-A games.

Maxdata 305670 Motherboard socket 775 VGA 6xUSB eSATA P10 AL

Find out here how Razer managed to switch things up in all the right places to create the most naxdata inch Blade laptop yet. Find out in our detailed review what strengths and weaknesses befall this otherwise successful debutant.

The Lenovo Chromebook C is one of the most balanced Chromebooks to cross our review desk. You can find out in our review whether the comeback is successful. Is it worth investing in the faster option? Our test clarifies where you have to lower your sights for the reduced price. Lenovo attempts to fulfill this promise by releasing a middle-class convertible laptop playing in the upper league.


Find out how the new mid-range processor Kirin can handle everyday tasks in our review.

maxdata Belinea 3 laptop

That said, we did see system slow down when running multiple tasks. How much is a Hz display worth? You could describe the concept as “concentrating on the essentials. Apart from this, the C is equipped with well-known hardware inside a good-looking case.

maxdata Belinea 3 laptop

Unfortunately, the display is bitterly disappointing. Buyers will receive a fancy-looking mid-range tablet with LTE support. The display is more than its notch though, with the G7 ThinQ being the first smartphone maxxata an mLC display, which can get extremely bright. The Honor 8X offers a large 6. Let’s find out what the new graphics cards are capable of and whether or not an upgrade makes sense.

Does the new G7 offer as much bang-for-the-buck as the uber-popular Inspiron 15 ? Find out how Microsoft’s entry-level tablet fares against notebok competition. This can really only turn out well, or can it? In addition to the Evo and the Pro, now there is also the QVO, which is significantly more affordable than its siblings in theory. According to Ulefone, the notch in the Armor 5 is a distinguishing characteristic that makes it stand out among outdoor smartphones.


How did Asus manage to achieve such narrow bezels on all four sides of the display while still offering percent sRGB and Whiskey Lake-U? It’s the least expensive inch Latitude available and so cut corners are not unexpected. The new inch model with 45 W processor and GeForce graphics outperforms the sibling with ULV processor, but the additional power draw creates more heat and shortens battery life.

Lenovo is making it real easy for mainstream gamers who just want an affordable pick-up-and-play gaming PC without the hassle. Dell’s latest entry into the budget gaming market changes branding but keeps the value. Although it performed well in our tests, the capabilities of the Ryzen APU were not exhausted.

Read on to find out how else Sony has attempted to make the XZ3 stand out from the competition in our review. Long battery life for all-day computing The long battery life can escalate the mobility and the productiveness of the P10, which can also make your daily lives much more convenient. With a height of just Please share our article, every link counts! Nevertheless, some cut corners prevent the system from being a must-have against its competitors.