I mostly get that behavior with my UltraLite Mk3 not hybrid when I leave the unit on a long time like a day or 3 without powering down. I leave it on a lot. All inputs and outputs are discrete and simultaneously active. Right-click on Computer and choose Properties. User Control Panel Log out.

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New to Digital Performer?

My starting point would be renaming Aud. Thomas, I’ve had mine for a long time and have travelet had it behave that way. Update the motherboard BIOS. Home Products motuaudio Traveler Traveler Overview. I had the legacy drivers set for before, I checked and they were still being used, but I reinstalled them anyway just in case, but to no avail.

Family Guy composer Walter Murphy shares his process. This install provides compatibility updates for Tiger OSX If none of that works, try a different piece of MOTU hardware to see if it is appliance specific.

I typically never turn off my mkIII hybrid as its also the desk mixer, but suddenly I lost mkII as audio device. I leave it on a lot. Unstuff with Expander version 7.


All else is in doubt, so this is the truth I cling to. We seem to get trraveler lot issues with offline DAWs here that don’t get the benefit of performance fixes or library updates e.

I don’t need security updates. Unzip and double-click installer, enter OSX Administrator password, choose PCI install option, follow on-screen instructions, and restart. From big screen to home studio: Mic and instrument traveleg controls Four microphone preamplifiers provide plenty of gain with individually switchable phantom power.

– Windows Wave RT support is now shipping

Like CueMix DSP, trqveler synchronization features are cross-platform and compatible with all audio sequencer software that supports the ASIO2 sample-accurate sync protocol. Record in the most remote locations with the mot freedom of battery power. All inputs and outputs are discrete and simultaneously active. Connect any MIDI device, such as a controller keyboard, synth module, automated control surface or drum machine. Version also contains maintenance firmware updates for the Traveler.

Traveler Inputs and Outputs All inputs and outputs are discrete and simultaneously active. But I don’t use mine for professional recording, and it has to be a multipurpose computer.


Traveler users who do not have the version 1. MOTU packs a lot of versatility into Traveler while providing great audio.

Supports Mac OS X The differentiation in access methods for applications happens within the PC, not at the unit or its hardware protocol. Open the Start menu.

If that doesn’t work use a disc image backup Acronis, Paragon etc. Volume and headphone output control Dual function knob provides separate volume control traveelr main outputs and headphones. I can honestly say that while there’s lots to like, I could find almost nothing to criticise! Try reinstalling your MOTU drivers.

Is there a way of resetting the hardware? I am traveleer sorry that an update put you through this! I don’t install them anymore! I closed Sonar earlier today, then opened it again later and when it came up, it told me that there were no audio devices connected for it to use.