The only format available for recording is MP3 OGG would have been nice and the bitrate can be set to one of 5 settings from 64Kbps pretty awful to Kbps not bad at all. Note that this device ceased to function in February , 16 months after it was purchased. This connection allows the exchange of data between the Koolsteel and the computer and it also provides the Koolsteel with power in order to recharge the built-in rechargeable battery which, according to the manufacturer’s claims, can power the device for up to 30 hours. Only 2 points here. The FM receiver does work fairly well even though it lacks a little sensitivity.

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If we now add up the points, the Koolsteel has earned 44 out of a potential It is nothowever, practical for recording using the line input. Once you have found it, bear in mind that languages never have been the forte of the French MemUp is a French company and that the translation into English of the user manual is, errm… such that I decided to use the French manual.

The playback audio quality is something that depends on many factors, not least of which are the quality of the audio encoding and m3 headphones you’re using to listen to the music.

Note that this device ceased to function in February16 months after it was purchased. From the hardware point of view, the Koolsteel conforms to usb-storage standards and therefore behaves exactly like an external hard disk so-called “pen” drive once plugged into a computer’s USB port.

The Koolsteel is also capable of recording audio from the radio, from its built-in mono microphone or from its line input. Their audio quality is surprisingly good, but they are a little large for my ears and even become quite painful after prolonged use.


It exists in two versions: It will discriminate automatically between stereo and mono transmissions and it can memorise 20 preset stations. Radio reception here is not particularly good and there isn’t anything worth listening to anyway but the few tests I ran were convincing enough.

This is an overall score of 4 out of 5. Full marks for this.

User Guide for Memup mp3 mp4 Player, Free Instruction Manual

It fits in the palm of your hand or in a pocket with no problem. The line input cable is totally useless.

I would therefore give the Koolsteel full marks if it weren’t for the fact that the only way I’ve found so far to see how much space you have left is to connect it to a computer. MP3 and WMA do not interest me in the least since they are both proprietary formats that are plagued with royalty and patent issues when it comes to creating such files. If you use the “Reset” button you may lose the recording you were making but your settings will be preserved.

The quality of the microphone is rather low, with a surprisingly high amount of background noise for a device with no electric motors to inject spikes into the power supply and with no moving parts of any kind to produce vibrations. The FM receiver does work fairly well even though it lacks a little sensitivity.

The Koolsteel can then be plugged as is, directly into the USB port if the port is accessible, or you can insert the provided, 1m-long USB extension cable.

As stated several times already, the Koolsteel connects to a USB port.

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This compliance with known standards enables the device to function on any computer with a USB subsystem without the need for any drivers other than what’s already provided by the host machine’s operating system.


The usability of the Koolsteel is an area where MemUp has plenty of room for improvement. Microscopic Small Normal Large Giant. The headphones supplied with the Koolsteel are those annoying little things that you’re supposed to wedge in your ears and hope they don’t fall out when you start sweating. In fact, I went out and bought something more comfortable a few days afterwards.

While it’s useful being able to store an hour’s worth of music onto a device about the size of one of those small, dark chocolates you get at a restaurant with your espresso after your meal, there’s the slight impediment of needing to cart your computer around with it to play back the music on the damn thing. Here’s the page for the Koolsteel on the manufacturer’s website: The equalizer works reasonably well too, but the other post-processing algorithms such as the SRS Tru-Bass or the WOW m3 aren’t worth bothering with.

However, by using good headphones and a file you know to be encoded with good quality, you can get an idea of the quality of the device’s decoding algorithms and output amplifier. The manufacturer claims that this device will run for 30 hours on a full charge, which takes hours. It needs to be done with the headphones and the line input disconnected, and the plastic-covered wire that it’s made of is a little stiff, which doesn’t help pushing it through the small loop on one end in order to fix it to the Koolsteel.

This is evidently why a “Reset” button is provided. The MemUp Koolsteel is primarily a solid-state digital audio playback device with a few gimmicks.