Not that that happened to me last month…. Various methods to Hide, Block or turn off updates here: I ran it once and it said it didn’t find any issues. At least in the past, N-trig wasn’t nearly as precise. I’ve got my fingers crossed! Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Here are a few additional shots of the Flyer and DuoSense Pen2, showing off my awesome handwriting.

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N-trig DuoSense Pen2: Who Needs a Stylus?

If I select the checkbox next to the available hidden update is it going to try and reinstall it again or is it preventing the install? I manage to recover my N-Trig Touch. Download and install the latest. Not that that happened to me last month….

I ran it a second time and suggested I install the April Update. With the dawn of capacitive touch displays and the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, etc.

So it may be that Version is as far as Windows 10 will take you on that hardware, in which case beyond the rollback you can still find download media for booted repairs or reinstall here: Just what can you do with a stylus duoswnse you can’t do with capacitive touch?

Dell has been far less help than I had hoped. Perhaps a better way of phrasing Steve’s statement now would be: On the other hand, the Galaxy Note’s Wacom-based solution didin’t have that many issues. Go to the Dell Support Downloads webpage for your Service Tag number on sticker, to see if there is a touchscreen driver for WIndows 7, 8 or They were still showing that I was running Vista.


Windows 10 Update (April 2018) Caused N-Trig Duo Sense Multi-Touch to Stop Working

Do you know if there will be an N-Trig driver update anytime from Microsoft since they now own the N-Trig? The latest sensor handles both point capacitive tgig as well as the active stylus, with a single controller processing both inputs as well, and it works with display sizes ranging from 4.

Microsoft’s for example is buggy. This thread is locked. I’ve done the ” Dell Dance “. As noted already, a few months ago Tdig shipped us an HTC Flyer with both the original DuoSense pen along with the new DuoSense Pen2 and let us test it for a while to get a feel for the changes.

The link you sent me with the cab file. Sorry this didn’t help. When I search online for what you’ve given so far to identify it I’m seeing a lot of which is on the border of being too old and for which we’re seeing hardware beginning to be deprecated in each subsequent Version Update. We did get a chance to look at the new super capacitor pen at CES, but other than being thinner and lighter the feel of the tip is the same as the DuoSense Pen2.


There are also two new tips for the Pen2 that provide different levels of friction to more closely emulate the experience of pen on paper either ballpoint pen or xuosenseand additional pen tips are in the works due for production this summer.

Their suggestion is to purchase a new laptop gee, thanks. Who Needs a Stylus?

Wacom was still way better for me. There was also a major improvement in the artwork my daughter was able to create compared to what she usually does with a mouse or her fingertip. Fast forward five months and not only can we talk about their new pen, but we actually have a test platform in the HTC Flyer to play with.

N-trig DuoSense Pen2: Who Needs a Stylus?

Log in Don’t have an account? On the other hand, the Galaxy Note’s Wacom-based solution didin’t have that many issues. Interestingly, at present the simultaneous dual-input active pen and capacitive input is something that N-trig only supports on Android. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. I really do appreciate your time.

What is the right way to insure I will not have it automatically update to the April Windows 10?