For the price of this board, you shouldn’t expect any more. I guess the world is turning and SATA is finally taking over the market. This is one of Intel’s new chipsets. The good perk here is that the area around the socket is very clean. I am very excited to test this new chipset out. Email Article To Friend.

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All the key components such as the north and southbridge chips are in the same place along with the CPU socket.

ABIT IPE – motherboard – ATX – LGA Socket – P35 Overview – CNET

We do have a little heatsink for the power phase, but it doesn’t get hot and doesn’t need anything else to help cool it. This connector is often placed in odd places and creates a mess inside your case.

I would have liked to see at least 6 USB, but 4 will do and this is a budget board, so there had to be cutbacks somewhere. Yes, my password is: We have an optical out as well as the standard audio ports you would be able to find on most motherboards.


Abit IP35-E

Oct 8, 1. The pin and 8-pin power connectors are also in exactly the same spot, as are the four DIMM modules.

I put a fan over the chipset cooler and also the memory and all was well again. On top we have the nearly obsolete PS2 ports for your mouse and keyboard. DS Cluster – Follow our Sitemap. Let’s ahit with the socket area first. Oct 11, 7. For this model, Abit has just gone with three individual blue anodized aluminium heatsinks that are not connected in anyway.

One thing worth noting is that Abit includes a little sticker with the different jumpers’ locations, which makes it a lot easier than paging through a multilingual book. Print Version Of Article.

For the price of this board, you shouldn’t expect any more. But will this board be good for the Q in the long run? During testing I did notice that it heated up fairly quickly.

We run into the ATX power connector. You’ll have to play around with the voltages and check for stability. Traditionally affordable mainstream motherboards look very average and are certainly not products you would want to feature in a case with a big clear perspex window.

Email Article To Friend. Abit gives you nothing but the basics for this board. Discussion in ‘ Intel Processors ‘ started by dpk33Oct 8, How do I go about overclocking the Q? No, create an account now.


9-way Intel P35 motherboard round-up > Abit IPE – Features – TechSpot

As we go down the board, we find all of our ports. Oct 8, 4. Next we happen upon the PCI slots. I would have liked to see one of these on the back, but abkt all honesty, I stopped using Firewire when I3p5e upgraded my third generation iPod to the fifth, so I have no need for it right now.

If you run FSB or higher, you’ll need to bump up the chipset voltage.

Q6600 overclocking on an Abit IP35e

Oct 9, 6. Search For More Articles! And speaking of cutbacks, they cut the aka Firewire port. At the center of the board you will find the P35 north bridge chip which is cooled by a large blue anodized aluminum heatsink.