If this type of criminal liability existed in California, it would be difficult for prosecutors to make a case. Typically, you would think that if drivers have two separate charges, that they were driving two separate vehicles. October 28, 28 Oct In North Carolina, State v. For an aiding and abetting charge, however, the court does not need to make any findings as to mitigating or aggravating factors.

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If you are present as a passenger when the driver was arrested for DWI, you could be facing aiding and abetting a DWI charges. In one case in Maine, two men were drinking together in a bar.

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How Can We Help You? It is aising to remember if you are pulled over that you do not have to answer any questions posed to you by law enforcement, including whether or not you or the driver has been drinking.

Taylor and his firm of DUI defense attorneys may be reached through their website at www. DUI Attorney August 23, at 6: Alternately, a prosecutor would have to show that drunnk individual knew that another person was too intoxicated to drive when he or she loaned that person his or her vehicle.

How far can this go? Your email address will not be published.

This means that someone who provides keys to an intoxicated driver or who continues to serve alcohol to a person that they know will be driving cannot be charged criminally. In North Carolina, State v. Your voluntary answers, no matter how innocent they may seem, can be used against you in court. This may be the case where a bartender continues to serve alcohol to a customer despite knowing that the customer will be driving home at the end of the night.


Gibbs, a conviction was upheld where a man, who owned a truck, allowed another individual to drive he vehicle while impaired.

How A passenger Can Be Charged with Aiding and Abetting in NC

Mass Hysteria, a Sociological Phenomena. Can you be guilty of letting a friend drive while intoxicated?

In North Carolina, impaired driving includes being under the influence of substances besides just alcohol. We accept the following credit cards. Here, the intoxicated person was the passenger, and the driving was the enabler who allowed the person to operate the vehicle while he was texting. This means that a person who acts as a lookout during an armed robbery can also be charged with a felony robbery offense and would face the same penalties.

But what about when you did not know the other person was impaired?

Aiding & Abetting DUI

If the driver was not noticeably intoxicated, or if the defendant did not furnish the driver with alcoholic beverages, this can ddunk defend against an aiding and abetting charge in this circumstance.


You are generally less likely druhk be found guilty of aiding and abetting if you simply fail to stop an impaired person from driving—our law does not impose any such duty on the average layperson. The short answer is: You cannot reason with the unreasonable.

If you have been charged with aiding and abetting a DWI it can be crucial to your freedom to have a skilled defense attorney experienced in defending individuals being charged with driving while impaired and related charges.

October 28, 28 Oct Typically, the aider or abettor is considered to have the same level of adn liability as the person who actually commits the underlying crime and can face the same level of punishment.

Aiding and Abetting DWI

Despite this seeming contradiction, an aiding and abetting a DWI charge can carry some of the same heavy penalties as a DWI. With over 43 years experience in DUI ajding, he has lectured to attorneys at over seminars in 41 states.

For an aiding and abetting charge, however, the court does not need to make any findings as to mitigating or aggravating factors. Simply knowing that a person had been drinking is usually not enough. StateS.