This property does not indicate conformance to any particular reference model version s other than the named one, since most archetypes can easily conform to more than one. Here it is not simply the archetype org. Diffing Diffing is the reverse of flattening, and is primarily used to support editing operations. This identifier places the artefact in a multi-dimensional space based on a namespace, its reference model class and its informational concept. The following example shows typical mappings of customs lifecycle state names to the openEHR standard state names. True if minutes are allowed in the constrained Duration. Two machine identifiers are defined for archetypes.

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To be completely correct, types do not always correspond to classes in an object model, but it does not make any difference here. It has two functions:. Correct minor typos and clarify text. The build count since last increment of any version part. Archetype-local value sets, each keyed by value-set id, i.

VDSSM specialised archetype slot definition match validity.

Defines conformance and congruence function signatures. The member codes of a value set must be defined in the term definitions of the terminology of the flattened form of the current archetype. The following validity rule applies to the redefinition ey-icdx an internal reference in a specialised archetype:.

F1.0 and lifecycle information et-iccdx the resource. Any decline in our credit ratings or increase in the credit spreads charged by the market for taking our credit risk is likely to adversely affect the value of the notes. URI of package to which this resource belongs. Reverse domain name namespace identifier. This can be detected by the tool, and computed with, for example, with specific visualisation. Example instance, showing the documentation structure.


This does not imply conformance only to this release, since an archetype may be valid with et-kcdx to multiple releases of a reference model. All local terminology as well as terminological and terminology binding elements of an archetype are represented in the terminology section of an archetype, whose semantics are defined by the archetype.

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These two optional properties indicate the original publishing organisation, and its namespace, i. The path to the archetype node.

Year Book Medical Publishers Inc. Top-level Meta-data The following items correspond to syntax elements that may appear in parentheses in the first line of an ADL archetype.

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An archetype may include one or more rules. The id7 slot node from the original archetype org.

The definition structure is always a specialised overlay on something else, and may not contain any slot fillers or external references, i. Constraint represented by this object; redefine in descendants.

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The Archetype Object Model is defined as the package am. This structure is normally only used for templates, enabling small value sets for which no external reference set or subset is defined to be captured locally in the template. Overview The top-level model of archetypes and templates all variant forms is illustrated in Figure Archetype Package. The general use of expressions in an archetype is in the rules section, where both variable declarataions and assertions are used to express object constraints ranging across multiple nodes, i.


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Kluwer Academic Publishers True if this node id conforms to other. Due eti-cdx political pressures, national requiremenents or preferences and variety of other non-technical factors, it is quite likely that archetypes will be authored within a domain based on multiple competing reference models that are reasonably similar without being easily machine inter-convertible.

True if years are allowed in the constrained Duration. Tuple constraints are second order constraints, described below, enable covarying constraints to be stated. Each value set is identified by an ac-code and has as members one or more at-codes. The inner table takes the form of a Hash table of String values keyed by V10 tags.