Answered on Apr 04, The only one I’ve found so far that’s actually a good still camera is the Umax AstraCam, which I review here. Modern USB webcams, you see, don’t have a lot of internal intelligence; they rely on their two-way connection to the computer to handle things like exposure settings. If the batteries go flat, or you remove them, you lose the memory contents. Overall For the money, these are good cameras.

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There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. You can use the new EZCam Pro to video chat with friends and family, send video emails, play games, and create multimedia projects for home or office.

Answered on Aug 03, For parts or not working. This is bad, because it means that whenever they’re not plugged into a computer, they’re draining their batteries, and the more pictures they’re trying to remember, the higher the drain is. Like some other combo-cams, the Dual Cam has a switch on it that tells it what to report itself as when you connect it to the computer.

Double click the Setup folder.

Webcam Drivers After this install the Webcam driver in the system. There’s Photo Explorerfor instance, which does much the same thing as umpteen shareware thumbnail-based image tweak-and-view packages. fzphone


Give Dan some money! There’s not much difference in storage capacity between the compression modes, for the two lower resolutions. Michael johnson Tested on Windows XP. If this is as much digital camera as you can afford – or if this is as much digital camera as your kids can be trusted with – then it’s a good choice.

Answered on Dec 17, You get two stands with the Pro Cam – one ordinary desktop one, and one that may or may not succeed in clipping onto your monitor. If you want a combination camera – one that can work like a digital still camera with its own storage, or as a webcam – there are fewer options, but still quite a ezpone.

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The EZPro Cam may overexpose a bit, ezonnics its white balance is unusually good. It’s noticeably crunchier than Best, but not uselessly so.

Combo-cams are, traditionally, pretty dodgy. EZ Drivers After this install the Webcam driver in the system. With each camera you also get some mutation of the basic Ezonics “Live Express” package. If you have a set of 2.

Ezonics EZPhone Cam – web camera

Brand new in box web cam chat kit. All of the other Ezonics cameras come with a plain NetMeeting installer. After installation of the drivers, it will ask to restart. The EZDual and EZPhone Cams give you Live Monitor, a security-camera package xamera triggers when it detects motion and has various frame and clip grabbing options, can sound alarms, and can automatically send e-mail as well.


Ezonics EZPhone Cam USB Free Driver Download

You install two sets of Windows drivers for it, one for still camera mode, one for webcam mode. Cqmera give you dark and grainy results from many webcams. Every camera comes with basic driver software, of course; you set them up by installing the driver, then plugging in the camera.

But it’s not for advanced users anyway, and the camera works OK with NetMeeting. Click on the unzip button, it will create a new folder on the desktop called Phonedrv If you then save it as a JPEG file, you’ll be recompressing it and making it look worse.

Ezonics USB ezphond compared Review date: The Dual Cam’s lens assembly can rotate right around to point backwards, but there’s no orientation detector that de-inverts the image if you do that. The new EZCam Pro captures full motion video at 30 frames per second in full color.