Image Technical Services Vroegh v. Connections Memory Card Slot. Yes; Digital Print Order File compatible; identify images to print; select print size. The tiny Nano1 astronomy camera shoots for the stars The makers behind the Tiny1 astronomy camera are back with an even smaller shooter. The exposure lock function is accessed by pressing the right-arrow key twice while in capture mode.

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Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. In wide angle mode, the flash range is specified as being from 1. Mobile Accessories by Joshua Goldman Nov 5, Battery level, resolution setting, flash mode, self-timer, pictures remaining.

Digital Cameras – Kodak DC Digital Camera Review

Our standard tests are really oriented toward checking the maximum range in telephoto mode, and we found that the DC’s flash worked well out to about 9 feet, reasonably well to 10 feet, then fell off rather rapidly beyond that distance. Overall, the DC produces pictures with excellent color, and sufficient resolution to look good when printed on a photo-capable printer at up to roughly 4×6 size.

Slide back and forth to select one of four major operating modes: The menu system kodka navigated intuitively by using up and down, right and left arrow zomo adjacent to the LCD, and the aptly named “Do-It” button to confirm selections. Nikon D D Its megapixel images create photo-realistic prints up to 5×7″ on today’s printers.

A plus or minus 2 EV f-stop, for us old-timers exposure adjustment setting is available, as is exposure locking, recommended for panoramic pictures where the lighting will vary as you pan to shoot the separate segments of the panorama.


Kodak DC Zoom – Millennium – digital camera Overview – CNET

To save battery power, slide-show mode will stop after 5 minutes if you’re not using an AC adapter. Shutter Button Located on the top right of the camera, this button sets white balance and exposure when halfway pressed and takes the exposure once fully pressed.

Both the Millennium and Standard editions of the camera ship with four alkaline cells, which will at least let you power it up out of the box. This focal length range is shifted toward the wide-angle end, a characteristic that made the ‘s predecessor the DC very popular with realtors. The lens cover is thoughtful attached to the camera body by a short tether, zooj its loss: The top of the camera is where you find the flash mode, macro focus, selftimer, and shutter buttons as well as the monochrome LCD status display.

Excellent as your first digital camera – buy this one and learn about digital photography and computer editing and still use it for many work and business purpos es.

It’s zook snap to use, thanks to an award-winning interface and controls. Here you can see the lens fully extended which happens automatically whenever the camera is powered up in capture mode.

Power Switch The camera turns on when you slide the power zooj to the right, the lens telescoping out when you do so. A few days ago the camera fell off my desk by accident and I was devastated. Most relevant reviews See all 13 reviews.

Exposure Parameters Exposure Compensation. Olloclip has new pro and entry-level lenses for your phone One of the top names in phone camera lenses now has options for those who shoot a little or a lot. Optics The lens is an optical glass, fixed dc2115 2x zoom design, with a focal length range equivalent to 29 mm to 58 mm on a 35mm camera.


The protective door also does not open wide enough to let kodzk easily grab the card with your fingers. Likewise, if your subject is silhouetted against the sky or other bright background, the exposure system will underexpose it.

Kodak DC215 Zoom – digital camera Series

The range of exposure settings and Kodak’s stated light sensitivity rating of ISO koda, result in a usable light range from about 6 to 12, foot-candles 66 tolux, or about 9. This is my fourth Kodak D215 1. You can order different numbers of prints for each image on the card, unless you’re requesting an index print. Many autofocus cameras will cd215 refuse to fire if the light level is too low for their autofocus systems to work.

Review first posted 26 November, The optical viewfinder is the “real view” type, meaning that you frame your shots based on the boundaries of the area you see in the viewfinder, rather than having to rely upon smaller framing marks within a larger view.

I recently purchased other digital cameras with higher megapixels but all in all I keep going back to my just do it camera.

Discussion threads can be closed at any time at koda discretion.