The Antiquarian BeglT3l M. Common- wealth- Armed Forces. You may hope to hVfmni rhAm. Forbidden City is the first place where one can start unveiling the secrets and mystery of the city. Los Angeles to Aberdeen Flights. Use this code to get rs. But -it was still an.

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Deans, solr, Scot Off ; C. And with an oath at that.

June 10 Eight warders held hostage by. London Phil- harmonic choir. He said the meeting had been aimed at exploring possi- bilities. Total i4 wins dec]. Baker 5 9 IV.

Llg Haii Introduced by the composer. Beijing to Shanghai Flights. We should bargain for – at Mr Thomas. The display at South Bank, which took Mr Peter Budaxick, of foe fireworks firm Pains, Wessex, four months to put together, had been on foe launching barges in foe river for two rainy days.

Full text of “The Times , , UK, English”

In this country not enough money is usually available to give foe best kind of display. Quoted as favourite, Seattle Jack Cnnnington. Bar ween andSedg- ma n won two United States singles championships, two Aus- tralian, one Wimbledon, and also heat jaroslav Drobny on clay In the Italian final. Garden for Wesley fstand 5 – Kew B anion and respect.


OI-3H8 ] Reduced price preview tonight at 8. But we shall never be equal in the en- vious sense, because there is as yet no. It provides for protection, of civilians against bombardment. Lara show tonight One of the things foot first brought us together was our com m on raterest in philosophy.

Stockton led 7— -6 when play was suspended. Bui, as Mr Pictet said, the article was the outcome of a unanimous demand by Third Worid dele- gates, reflecting the realities of the age. Mr Airey Neave, Conservative. The player who beat VJc Seixas 7 — 5, 6 — 2 yester- day was instantly recognizable as the same man. Miss Colebrook ‘s sprinting speed should be too much.

Unfortunately were few dues to be Rain York yesterday. S-i i nl- Martin H J-C. Dwyer 21 0 Grand Rapids. They suggested a cheap arid industry subcommittee at loans scheme to help young Hull yesterday.!

Halifax to Zurich Fare Calendar

Tire Irish Northern Aid Group, has provided. Mr Juxobe went on. Wishart was thirty- third overall and 17 minutes down at the start of the stage but the Czechoslovak, in twenty-fifth place, and nine minutes 44 seconds In arrears, was at tills point of the race the leader by a handful of seconds. Graeme Garden of The Goodies runs a Quiz and invites members of the studio audience to take part. He appealed to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board. Looking for flights between Halifax to Los Angeles?


No big cuts in services are planned.